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Studio and Virtural Private Lessons Available for Adults and Children

Annual Progress Reports and Yearly Performance Options to Boost Self-Confidence

Taught by a Music Therapist with over 10 Years of Professional Experience 

Additional Support and Education for Children with Special Needs

Private Ukulele, Banjo, Banjolele, Piano, and guitar Lessons IN ST. LOUIS, MO

Your Musical Journey STARTS HERE


Mimic Music is located in St. Louis, MO and offers studio and virtual private music lessons for kids and adults in
Ukulele, Banjo, Banjolele, Piano, and Guitar! 


What You Can Expect

Mimic Music is a St. Louis, MO, family-owned and operated company offering one-on-one in-person and virtual private music lessons for adults and children!

We specialize in teaching both beginners and advanced students these five instruments: 

  • Ukulele

  • Banjo

  • Banjolele

  • Piano

  • Acoustic Guitar 

With our virtual lessons, our students are located all across the country and range in age between 10 and 80, proving that you are never too old or young to learn. 


We are fully dedicated to our students and expect the same from them.  Each year we have students set goals and work with them to meet or exceed them and have fun along the way.  


Performance opportunities

We pride ourselves on giving the gift of confidence to all our students!  Our students have multiple opportunities for them to perform via online or in-person concerts several times a year.  This way, the students bond with each other and offer support and encouragement. 


While we specialize in ukulele and banjo, we also teach our students how to be creative and find their own voice when playing music or writing songs.

Mimic Music offers adaptive lessons for those with special needs. 

Lessons With an Array of Instruments

We offer a range of classes and courses for all levels.  Mimic Music brings a wealth of experience to the classroom and enables students to gain a solid understanding in a relaxed and enjoyable setting. To find out more, check out the options below.

Confidence Blooms with music


At Mimic Music, we believe in the power that playing a musical instrument can have in building confidence, especially in children and young adults.


All of our students have the opportunity to perform at Mimic Music several times a year!



"Virtual online banjo lessons are working well.  I was worried, but pleasantly surprised.  I’m really happy with my progress and I'm feeling confident that I'm on the right path.  Brian is a great instructor -easy going and knowledgeable.  If you want to learn but you're on the fence about taking banjo lessons, make the move."  
-Damon G., Seattle, WA (banjo)

"Brian is an excellent teacher.  I have a background in music, and he has helped me to integrate what I remember and apply it to the ukulele.  He is friendly, interested, and patient.  Most of all, he makes learning to play the ukulele fun!" 
-Susan F., Fishersville, VA (uke)

"I can see myself working with Brian for the long haul. He is enthusiastic, present, supportive and highly knowledgeable.  Learning instruments has always been a challenge for me, but Brian makes being an adult banjo beginner an absolute joy.  I feel SO lucky to have found him. "
-Elyse, M.  The Bronx, NY (banjo)

"I have been so pleased with how far my son has come along. Brian is very professional, and accommodating, and has a great connection with kids. He is fantastic at keeping our son engaged, encouraging him to try new things, and leading in a positive manner.  Highly recommended for lessons for kids and adults as well!"
-Lauren E.  St. Louis, MO (guitar)



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