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Virtual and In-Person Private Music Lessons

At Mimic Music, our private lesson style focuses on long-term skills training and growth, but also emphasizes self-exploration and discovering a passion for music. Take a look at the selection of St. Louis, MO in-person music lessons and virtual courses that we provide and choose the right one for you.


Studio and Virtural Private Lessons Available for Adults and Children

Annual Progress Reports and Yearly Performance Options to Boost Self-Confidence

Taught by a Music Therapist with over 10 Years of Professional Experience 

Additional Support and Education for Children with Special Needs


30 minute weekly lessons

     Adults          $537/3 months

Teens & TweenS  $197/1 month  

Kids Under 8    $167/1 month  


10% Discount for Music Therapists and Music Therapy Students



Owner | Music Therapist - Board Certified | JHUI - Level 3 Certified Teacher

Brian Lee Bauer, MT-BC

Hi!  I'm Brian. At a young age my grandfather introduced me to music.  He encouraged me to explore the ukulele, piano and guitar.  While working towards my music therapy degree at Maryville University, I became more interested in singing and songwriting.  


In 2007, I co-founded the gothic Americana rock band Strawfoot.  My songwriting, vocals, and contributions on the 5-string banjo have been called "relentless, growling, flint-eyed highlight" by the Riverfront Times.


In 2012, I founded Mimic Music Services to provide the best acoustic music education, entertainment, and therapy available in St. Louis, MO, and beyond!​​​

Performed at:  Powell Symphony Hall, The Sheldon, off-Broadway, Disney World

Education:  B. A. in Psychology and B. S. in Music Therapy (Maryville University)

Certifications:  Board Certified Music Therapist, James Hill Ukulele Initiative Scholar - Level 3

Favorite TV show:  The Muppets


Ukulele Student  Music Teacher | JHUI Level 1 Certified Teacher

Sissy Knobbe

Sissy Knobbe is a kind human who has been in love with music since birth. They began singing and learning the uke from Brian Bauer at age 6.


Sissy is a scholarship student at James Hill Ukulele Initiative and will graduate in early 2024.  Currently, Sissy plays the trombone, soprano ukulele, tenor ukulele and banjo. They have appeared in several musicals at Nerinx Hall.


When not making music, Sissy enjoys playing Dungeons & Dragons, crafting, making movies and generally goofing around. Sissy’s a huge fan of orchestral music and French fries. They have extensive experience with children, from babysitting to supervising shifts at a local trampoline park.


They are currently accepting students ages 7-17, virtual lessons only 4:30 pm-6:00 pm on Tuesdays. 


Performed at:  9 Mile Garden, The Focal Point, Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis


Education:  Youngest ever James Hill Ukulele Initiative Scholar - Level 1

Favorite TV show:  Steven Universe

Confidence Blooms with music

At Mimic Music, we believe in the power that playing a musical instrument can have in building confidence, especially in children and young adults.

Discover the impact of Annual Progress Reports and the encouragement of students to play music together. Join us on this harmonious adventure!


All of our students have the opportunity to perform at Mimic Music several times a year!

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