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  • What hours do you teach?
    We currently teach from 2pm CST - 7pm CST Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
  • How many concerts do you host every year?
    We generally host 2 in-person concerts and 1 virtual concert every year.
  • What are your student policies?
    Glad you asked! Our student policies can be found HERE!
  • Are students required to perform?
    Students of all ages are strongly encouraged to participate and attend our unique performance opportunities.
  • Do you teach vocals?
    We are happy to incorporate vocals into our banjo, ukulele, piano, and guitar lessons.
  • How many students do you teach?
    We average 30-35 students throughout the entire year.
  • Do you teach siblings?
    At present, our policy is to accommodate only one family member per household, with the intention of providing focused and personalized instruction to ensure optimal learning experiences. Our aim is to engage and educate the most dedicated and committed member of your family, fostering a musical journey that is tailored to individual needs and aspirations.
  • Do you teach small groups for duos?
    We only offer private 1:1 lessons at this time
  • What and who do you teach?
    We teach 30 minute private weekly lessons. We teach: ukulele (low g), banjo, banjolele, acoustic guitar, piano, keyboard, songwriting, audition preparation, and music theory. We DO NOT teach: electric guitar, vocals without an instrument, drums, cello, violin, viola, accordion, woodwinds, brass, bass, percussion, mandolin, cigar box guitar, 3 string guitar, harmonica, dulcimer, siblings, group lessons, in home lessons, or children under 6 at this time.
  • What ages do you teach?
    We teach all ages from as young as 7 years old to 107 :)
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